A Message from the Chief:

Eloongoomatti: All My Relations

During this time of renewal in the start of Light we give thanks to the Creator for all that he has given us. The Ramapough are grateful for life, we recognize our blessings and our sacred connection to our Grandmother the Earth. We give Anushiik, thanks to all of our relatives: the four legged, the winged, and the Green. We give thanks, too, to all of the people of the sky, the earth and the water.   We are grateful for the many gifts we have received, from the food that nourishes us to the medicine that heals us, to the shelter we are given.

 We give thanks to our Grandmother, for our spiritual wellbeing, that we may find ourselves on the path of the Creator in A Good Way.

  To All of the Ramapough, I ask Our Grandfather, a good way and a real good way for each and every one of you. I ask that all may be well, that our children be healthy and our Elders filled with the joy of your love, may this be so as we lift each other up, our neighbors and especially those who are vulnerable in this time of fear.

As we ponder tomorrow, let us remember our grandmother and begin now to help heal the trauma and degradation which has been visited upon her …for surely each wound, each careless and negative act visited upon Grandma is a scar… a wound visited upon our own health, our future and our children.

Dearest Ramapough, now is the time of Blessings, let us use each moment of this time of restraints as a time to heal our families, our old wounds and our forgotten differences. Let us now take this gift of our grandmother as a time of reflection, a time to heal ourselves and our nation, a time to celebrate the gifts of the spirit which we have been given. This is a time to celebrate our humanity.

Ramapough, our fireplace has been lit …come send up a prayer that the darkness  may soon leave , that our families will be made whole,  our Nation be made strong,  that our relatives the Dine’,  the Lakota, Nekota, Dakota and All of our Relatives of the East , the South, the West and the North, may now come together as one and heal the Sacred Hoop which was broken here in the time of the 1st fireplace.

Yes…!!!  Remember and practice the social distancing, the isolating, the hand washing, the masks and all of the medical advice. But most importantly, remember who you are and Come and Pray. Be healed, Ramapough!

 The illness which permeates the atmosphere, impacting our health, may be part of the illness visited upon our Mother.  Even in small ways, we can act to support her healing through our actions. May this be a time to renew our spirits. May we reflect on how to become better people- let us live with purpose, may we take the time to listen and understand. As we are spending more time together, let this be time to renew our connections. Be good to one another, let us live with love for one another. Be encouraged, let us emerge from this difficulty renewed in our traditions, that bring us joy.

In the meanwhile, please continue to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. Follow the CDC and local guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Try to maintain some normalcy but practice social distancing. Use technology to call, text and zoom into groups to connect.  We do ask that you answer the Census on line; this is a critical way to bring services to the communities in which we live. We cannot afford to be under counted. Call and encourage others to complete this as well.

Our condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones and to those who are caring for sick family members. We will continue to pray for their healing. We also want to thank those who are on the front lines in service to the sick, as well as those who provide service to all as truckers, packers and delivery persons. It is clear how important you are and the work that you do for everyone, and we want you to know that you are appreciated. 

For more information about COVID-19 and what you can do to continue to keep healthy and safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control at cdc.gov or your local health department’s website.

Please stay well and be safe as we take care of ourselves and each other during this difficult time. We will get through this together. We are one! All My Relations!!!

Xwat Anushiik,

Chief Perry